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Leader: Callisto

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Leader: Callisto Callis11
Leader: Callisto Callis10

Name: Callisto

Apparent Age: 16

Can be reworded after adoption medium height, black hair, gray eyes.

Callisto is a serious person who often doesn't quite grasp sarcasm and subtle jokes, or chooses not to react to them as intended. His general aura is one of calm and cold calculation: he is prone to over-thinking situations, trying to see from every angle, understand every motive and every possible chain of action, but while this gives him foresight unmatched by other tacticians, he does tend to overcomplicate matters. This foresight, however, has made him the leader of the Galilean Knights, for when he makes a decision, more often than not he ends up on top in the end. As he developed this multiple-perspective mind of his has increased in speed and now he doesn’t hesitate when sending his teammates forward; like a master of chess, he is confident in his moves as he is confident in his mind.

Callisto trusts his teammates implicitly, knowing who they are, recognizing their strengths and pushing them to become better. However, since rebirth he doesn’t quite count them as friends. Companions, colleagues, partners, sure. Friends...? Callisto doesn’t quite believe he needs friends; he’s quite capable on his own and isn’t so emotional enough as to need someone to lean on. His sense of humor is near nonexistent, his hobbies include people-watching, reading, and training; he enjoys the company of others, but, again, doesn’t find them absolutely necessary to find contentment in his life. However, while he might not feel much emotional attachment to them, he is incredibly loyal towards his team. They trust him, he trusts them, and he believes that trust comes with a responsibility to keep them safe. No one messes with his team and escapes clean.

His faults lie mostly in the interpersonal department. He’s great with being in charge – with making decisions and directing people – but actually getting along with people? Not so much. He subconsciously compares himself to every new person he meets, measuring their intelligence, skills, and knowledge subtly and almost always finding himself superior, and so deeming them as not deserving his respect or his time. The only people immune to his writing-off are his team; he knows their strengths and respects them for it, he’s fought with them and for them. All others are viewed as walking talking idiots, to be dealt with only as long as necessary. … and maybe studied for their curious behavior.

His speech pattern is formal and to-the-point, great for reporting to supervisors and issuing orders, but not so much for getting closer to people.

Knight Name: Callisto

Role: Leader of the Galilean Knights

Guardian Celestial Body: Callisto, the farthest of the Galilean moons of Jupiter. Callisto is covered in dark sand and bright craters, looking like a jewel.

Astronomical Symbol:
Leader: Callisto Callisto

Light armor: Titanium chest-plate, gauntlets and shin guards. Sports a half-cape, the back of which is black, the front a dark purple. His large belt, made of ornately wrought titanium, is fastened with a dark amethyst disk. A rough-hewn circlet around his head has a strip of amethyst in the center, keeping his black hair out of his eyes.

Weapon of Choice: Chakram

"Callisto Encroaching Darkness" - causes concealment when ranged. When used with contact with the target, a single touch imbues the target with sightlessness and a deep and terrifying paranoia. Can drive the target insane with fear. ((Directed attack only available through training))

"Primary Four Protective Field" - the Galilean Knights can combine to create a bubble-like force field around their target, be it friend or foe.

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-----------Player Information---------
Name: Kyralih

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