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Fiery Instigator: Io

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Fiery Instigator: Io Iotemp10
Fiery Instigator: Io Io10

Name: Io

Apparent Age: 15

Short (5'2"), dirty blond hair, dark red eyes, pale skin. Lithe in muscular build.

Io has a bit of an inferiority complex; being the shortest of the bunch, he is often mistaken for being weak or incapable and overcompensates by being extremely hot-headed and argumentative. He's hard to convince, but incredibly loyal to his friends. His favorite part of his job as a Guardian Knight is the fighting; his small size and quick speed allows for great maneuverability in the battle field. He hates the word cute and thinks a man should never have to be called that. Call him short once, he will pout and most likely shout. Call him short numerous times, and he might even kill. He seems to have no interest in romance, rolling his eyes and making an annoyed sound whenever the topic is brought up, while at the same time he's been known to be caught with an idiot grin while watching someone, yet that person has yet to be figured out by the others.

Knight Name: Io

Role: Galilean Knight

Guardian Celestial Body: Io: the volcanic closest moon to Jupiter, the smallest of the Galilean moons and the one most affected by Jupiter's gravitational field.

Astronomical Symbol:
Fiery Instigator: Io Io

Light armor: Titanium chest-plate, gauntlets and shin guards. Sports a half-cape, the back of which is black, the front an orange-red. His large belt, made of ornately wrought titanium, is fastened with a fire-ruby disk. A rough-hewn circlet around his head has a strip of fire-ruby in the center, pushing his blond hair up and out of his face.

Weapon of Choice:

"Io Molten Rapier!" - Io's sword glows red hot; when it strikes an opponent it can burn and rend flesh. This attack can be redirected to create hot pockets in the surrounding area, often melting areas on the floor to create a trap. ((only available after training with Mars))

"Primary Four Protective Field" - the Galilean Knights can combine to create a bubble-like force field around their target, be it friend or foe.

----------Audition Piece
"What the hell is going on?!” Io grimaced, sword in hand as waited for their next attacker to approach. His hands gripped the sword as if it were his only link to the life he had left, a dull pain numbing his fingers as his hold tightened. They were surrounded, that much he could be certain of. On either side Europa and Ganymede guarded his sides, while he did the same for them. He took a half-step back, knocking Callisto slightly. He didn’t turn though, knowing that it was his fellow knight and not one of their enemies. “Watch where you’re stepping,” Io growled, even though he was who was at fault, and only received a sigh in response. He couldn’t keep focused, and had to take a moment to close his eyes and take a deep breath to try and steady himself, even if that moment could have meant the difference between his life and death.
The moon princess, along with her court, was dead. The kingdom was defeated, that was what they had been told right before the messenger had been struck down by a man with almost inhuman strength. They had quickly disposed of his attacker, but they could do nothing to save the one who had come for them. If what he had said had been true however, than maybe death would have been easier path to take. How could it be true? How could something like that have been allowed to happen? He could not focus, and could feel his grip on his sword loosening. No matter what he tried though, he could not find the strength in his mind to will himself back to the battle around him.
He was barely able to lift his head as he heard his name called, before everything just disappeared.

He woke what felt like eons later, his muscles stiff and his eyes heavy, like he had been asleep for too long. “Where are we?” he mumbled, having spotted the other knights as he had stood to stretch his arms and legs. The area they were in was barren, uninhabited, and he could tell it had been for a very long time. It was familiar, yet at the same time the ruins of what once must have been a fine castle unnerved him. Where was the battle they had just been fighting? The enemies? Why could he remember none of what had happened?
He heard the other’s stirring, but he paid them no attention, trying to figure out what they were doing here. He was not the smart one of the group however, though he’d never admit aloud, and he had yet to come up with any idea.
He had dreamt though, a dream he had forgotten, but was now coming back to him as he roamed the ruins. It was a happy dream. Of the four guards playing with a young princess Jupiter, of training her when she came into her powers, of protecting her. What did it mean? If it had any significance at all?
Then it hit him. He knew why the ruins were so familiar. This planet... it was their home... Jupiter. How had he not noticed this before? But what had happened here? Where were all of the people?
As the others awoke, the Io castle sprung to life around them.

Player: Zach


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