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Sailor Pallas

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Sailor Pallas
Sailor Pallas Aspallas

Name: PallaPalla

Apparent Age: 14

PallaPalla is the total ditz character, there's one in every group. Not too good when it comes to work or equations, she would much rather be playing around than sitting down listening to someone talk, or having to do any work. She loves games and is an expert at pretty much any game she's challenged to. She's light on her feet and very flexible, acrobatics being something she's always liked. She's a little bit of a trickster and likes jokes and pranks... as long as they're not played on her. Though cheerful and bright, she'll pout if she doesn't get her own way and it is very hard to make her really angry (those who have encountered her like that however, know to keep their distance)

Senshi Name: Sailor Pallas

Role: Member of the Sailor Quartet

Guardian Celestial Body: Pallas, asteroid.

Sailor Pallas Pallas

Her choker, collar, and skirt were light blue and the center of her darker blue front bow was a light blue five-pointed star. She had round white puffed sleeves with two strips of white fabric attached to the bottom. Her gloves went up to her upper arms, and were edged with three strips of light blue fabric. Her back bow was a pale blue. Her boots were knee-high and white, and had a light blue V-shaped border with a five-pointed star at the top. Her tiara gem was a blue five-pointed star and her earrings were round and blue.

"Pallas Forceful ____" (either Control, Full-Stop, or Ooze). Sailor Pallas, a master of magic from her time as PallaPalla in the Amazon Quartet, has various attacks. Forceful Control allows Sailor Ceres to control an enemy as a marionette would a puppet. Forceful Full-Stop can halt one enemy in its place. Both Control and Full-Stop are conditional attacks, and only last so long as Ceres maintains total eye-contact with her subject. Unlike the others, Forceful Ooze covers the target in a sticky substance that restricts movement (no eye contact required).

"Amazoness Jungle Arrow!" - Sailor Pallas can join with other members of the Sailor Quartet to unleash a volley of terrifying arrows.
"Pink Lady Freezing Kiss!" - a combination attack made with Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet. Very powerful.

------Audition Piece

Player: Sugar

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