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Sailor Vesta

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Sailor Vesta
Sailor Vesta Asvesta

Name: VesVes

Apparent Age: 15

Vesta is the youngest of four sisters and is "the tamer of beasts". She holds power of sacred flame and uses a whip as her weapon. She stands tall - only her eldest sister, Ceres, stands taller - and she is nearly as tan as Juno. Vesta has an athletic body, taking great joy from sport and competitive pursuits. She enjoys the simple pleasures of life - eating yummy snacks, quietly studying, spending time outdoors and with animals. Her dislike of technology in general leads to a fear of almost phobic proportions.

Because of her position in the family, she always wants to prove herself. She tends to act without thinking, just so she can be first. Known for having a temper more fierce than Ceres'; however, she doesn't hold grudges and the flame goes out nearly as quickly as its ignited She has a tough, arrogant and sarcastic exterior - often insulting others with her speech and is quick to place blame. She's the least likely to follow the teams directions (does not like authority) and almost always disobeys her orders. There are moments, though, when her hard mask will falter and her true feelings shine through. Despite actions and attitudes suggesting otherwise, she treasures her sisters and cannot imagine her life without them. She is easily ashamed when emotional and will often use anger as a blanket emotion to burn those around her before dealing with own issues privately.

As a fighter, her abilities and paradigm align well with her overall persona. She employs a whip to keep her enemies at a distance, relying on speed and a quick wit to make her opponent vulnerable. Fire, the element of passion, is known to overtake all else - acting quick and reducing all it touches to ash. Sailor Vesta is a protector type - often acting with haste and at great risk to self. She tends to be self-sacrificial in the eleventh hour.

Senshi Name: Sailor Vesta

Role: Member of the Sailor Quartet

Guardian Celestial Body: Vesta, asteroid of the Solar asteroid belt

Sailor Vesta Vesta

Her choker, collar, and skirt are red and the center of her black front bow was a red five-pointed star. She has round white puffed sleeves with two strips of white fabric attached to the bottom. Her gloves go up to her upper arms, and were edged with three strips of red fabric. Her back bow is light red. Her boots are knee-high and white, and have a red V-shaped border with a five-pointed star at the top. Her tiara gem is a red five-pointed star and her earrings are small red studs.

Sailor Vesta has a physical weapon: a whip. While in civilian form, Vesves carries a crop whip; when she transforms, the handle morphs into the handle of an Italian rapier.

Solo Attacks:
"Vesta Steel Daggers" - Sailor Vesta summons firelight daggers, durable as steel and sharp as a samurai's sword. These daggers form down the length of her whip, creating a textured surface akin to the skin of a shark. As Vesta cracks her whip, the handle-less blades are fired at the enemy; the daggers have a projectile range of over 100 yards, and the force of their dead-on impact can shear through bones. Upon impact, the daggers disappear into the ether, their energy returning to Vesta.

Group Attacks:
"Amazoness Jungle Arrow!" - Sailor Vesta can join with other members of the Sailor Quartet to unleash a volley of terrifying arrows.

"Pink Lady Freezing Kiss!" - a combination attack made with Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet. Very powerful.

The Queen and her royal court held the annual festival celebrating the creation of the city. It was a sight to behold - magical lights filled the entire city, falling like snowflakes over the patrons. The theme this year was a carnival, so naturally Vesta and her sisters were asked to dress up as their Amazon Quartet selves for a 'historical re-enactment'. While her sisters were excited and happily went along with it.. Vesta had her reservations. She still regretted her actions during the 20th century and was uncomfortable revisiting the memories, even if it was all good fun.

Their single performance was scheduled for the end of the festival, as part of the wrap-up ceremonies. They did, naturally, have to practice - but the plot and lines were loose, little more than "be yourselves, you remember what happened". Halfway through their only rehearsal (being held just to ensure the light and sound systems were working properly).. it happened. The girls were set to swing down onto the stage in a dramatic entrance and introduction sequence.

Everyone had performed the move well - Vesta's turn was last and wouldn't it figure? She botched it up, real nice. Swinging down was the easy part but landing? Disaster. Instead of diving from the rope, landing on her hands and popping up in a flip - she dove, landed on her hands and.. rolled into a nearby elephant prop. It fell over and like dominoes the rest of the fake menagerie fell. They hit into the supports for the faux tent cover and the entire stage came down around them.

Crumpled in a heap underneath the cloying fake plastic material, Vesta sat stunned. Her sisters (who managed the avoid the whole thing) approached and Pallas lifted the circus tent with caution. She looked up at them, their faces filled with disapproval and disappointed; Ceres' angry eyes, Pallas' sympathetic blush and Juno's mocking smirk. The heat of embarrassment flushed her cheeks, she stood quickly and ran off before they could say a word.

She ripped the dumb costume off - haphazardly getting back into her frumpy sweater and holey jeans. How could she mess something like this up?! She just had to get away, clear her head.. then she'd apologize. She ignored Pallas, running after her in the hallways, and left the building - quickly grabbed her coat before slamming the door behind her. She walked for two blocks before a mischievous little idea grew.. what if she left the city? A single snowflake of light landed on her nose - why not? it was brilliant and her mind was made up - she headed for the forbidden exit elevators.

The plain above the inset valley of the city was barren for miles, considered a treacherous tundra. A strict safety ordnance was in place that forbade travel without proper paperwork. Because of this, civilians never left the city.. they never even thought about it. Why would they leave when they had everything they could ever ask for? But Vesta was embarrassed - not just for tonight, but for the pain she inflicted on her Small Lady, the one person it was most important for her protect. The dumb stage play had brought all her old feelings rushing back to the surface - the stage collapse had just been the last straw to break the camel's back. How could she forgive herself?

All of the danger was forgotten as she walked on the untouched plain, taking in the utter soundlessness - her shoes were crunching the snow and creating the only noise. Held in awe, she walked into the night and away from all her problems. The cold nipped at her nose, but she tugged her jacket tighter around her lithe frame and kept on. Twenty and then thirty minutes were spent as more snow fell around her; in her heart she knew the trek was pointless, but she couldn't stop her numb feet. She just wanted away from it all. After an hour, she climbed a snow-covered rock and sat, hugging her knees into her body. She couldn't face her sisters, her princess, her city.

At least three miles from the grand crystalline city, the stars blazed in the night sky; all of them visible so far from civilization. She looked up at them, trying to spot the asteroid her Sailor Crystal derived it power from. Wasn't it somewhere near Jupiter? Honestly.. she wasn't very sure and after just a few moments, gave up. Its not like she was worthy of the power, anyway.. not if she couldn't do something simple, like have a bit part in a play. Quietly, Vesta sat on the rock, crying softly into her knees for nearly an hour more before making the journey home, disheartened.
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