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Sailor Ceres

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1Sailor Ceres Empty Sailor Ceres on Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:54 pm


Sailor Ceres, the leader of the Sailor Quartet.
Sailor Ceres Asceres

Name: CereCere

Apparent Age: 15

Cere Cere is one of the more serious members out of the sailor quartet. She's the leader of the group and has a strong personality. She's very assertive and speaks her mind a lot. She doesn't take anything from anyone and knows how to stand her ground. She also has a very mature air about her and tries to keep the group together and out of mischief. Cere Cere also doesn't tolerate anyone picking on her sisters or threatening them and will quickly put them in their place.

Senshi Name: Sailor Ceres

Role: Leader of the Sailor Quartet

Guardian Celestial Body: Ceres, the largest spherical asteroid

Sailor Ceres Ceres

Her choker, collar, and skirt were pink and the center of her grey front bow was a pink five-pointed star. She had round white puffed sleeves with two strips of white fabric attached to the bottom. Her gloves went up to her upper arms, and were edged with three strips of pink fabric. Her back bow was light pink. Her boots were knee-high and white, and had a pink V-shaped border with a five-pointed star at the top. Her tiara gem was a pink five-pointed star and her earrings were round and pink.

"Ceres Growth Burst!" - In this attack, seeds under Sailor Ceres control sprout and grow into carnivorous plants. They can vary in size, shape, and tactical use (from the giant Venus fly trap to tiny, strangling vines).
Sailor Ceres can also work with Sailor Juno to summon forth a seedling that can be digested as an antidote to Juno's poison dart attack. As the poison is very potent, the antidote is only effective for 10 minutes.

"Amazoness Jungle Arrow!" - Sailor Ceres can join with other members of the Sailor Quartet to unleash a volley of terrifying arrows.
"Pink Lady Freezing Kiss!" - a combination attack made with Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet. Very powerful.

--------Audition Piece------
Sailor Ceres trudged through the Amazon Jungle trying to keep the group together. She hacked away at the jungle overgrowth with a scythe, clearing a path as she went. They had come out here to train for the battle of their lives. It would be a hard road to travel especially since they really didn't know what they were up against. She would have to be strong for her sisters and keep the group together. They couldn't doubt their abilities at all if they wanted to win, and they had no choice-- this was their time to shine and fulfill their destinies. This was a live or die situation, and they would live. She was going to give her all for her team and for her princess. Sailor Ceres stopped when she heard a strange sound coming from her left side. She noticed all of her sister’s ears perked up, especially Sailor Juno’s. Sailor Juno walked beside her and placed her hand beside her ear to get a clear interpretation of where the sound was coming from. Sailor Ceres closed her eyes as she began to focus on the sound like Juno was. She stopped when she noticed that the sound was all she could hear now. It was as if every creature had become silent in reverence for whatever was making the only sound in the jungle now. She felt her breath constrict in her chest as fear enraptured her. She wasn’t supposed to be afraid! She willed her muscles to move, but they wouldn’t. She felt paralyzed and longed to turn her head to look in the eyes of the thing that had cast this spell upon her, but she couldn’t. She dug her heels into the Earth and gritted her teeth as she willed all her energy into a single attack at the thing she wasn’t able to face.

“Ceres Growth Burst!” she called out summoning a huge carnivorous plant that burst out of the ground giving the jungle a mild Earthquake.

The plant she had summoned was one she rarely used. The thing grabbed the creature off the ground and fought with it.

She felt her limbs begin to move again and looked at all her sisters who had now armed themselves. She just gave them all a quick nod, and they understood that it would take all of them to defeat the youma that was now overpowering her Venus flytrap. The attack had been just enough to buy them some time. They quickly gathered together, held hands, and began to concentrate their energy.

“AMAZONESS JUNGLE ARROW!” they all called out simultaneously as a slew of arrows hurled at the youma who had disintegrated her Venus Flytrap. She heard the thing scream and it was the most horrendous sound she had ever heard. The arrows pierced the skin of the strange looking plant reptilian creature that stood before them. In a moment it was gone as the jungle sounds hummed to life once again.

“We need to be weary of those things…There could be more of them.” Ceres Warned them as they continued their adventure through the jungle.

Player: Anjyu

Optional Personality:
Created by Kyralih:
CereCere has a two-toned personality, one that fits both her civilian life and her duty as the leader of the Sailor Quartet. Similar to her role-model, Eternal Sailor Venus, she takes her charge of protecting Princess Small Lady Serenity very seriously, willing to resort to nearly any tactic to ensure her safety. As Sailor Ceres she’s decisive and nearly dispassionate, focused single-mindedly on overcoming an obstacle and ending any battle as effectively as possible to spare her charge and teammates undue harm. … Unfortunately, despite all the training that she has undergone, she still makes mistakes by not seeing far enough into the future; she dissolves the situation that could cause harm immediately without considering the later consequences of her choices and actions. While Jupiter and Mars have given them practice battles designed to work out this flaw, once Ceres figures out that the training exercise is geared towards her role as leader and head-decision-maker, she immediately snaps into place and does make pretty good choices, but only because of that extra pressure to be on-track. In short, she performs well when she’s aware she is supposed to be performing and can guess that something is coming that is designed to trip her up: a tactic that any senshi should stay away from as battles are never predictable. A piece of advice she repeats often in her mind during training is “Reach out and Feel it,” a trick Venus herself offered, basically saying that Ceres should open herself up to the situation and feel out what the right course of action will be.

However, this decisive, confident and quick-thinking senshi only really transforms when there is possible (imaginary or otherwise) danger towards Sailor Chibi Moon/Princess Small Lady Serenity (Bunny♥ ) or when she’s performing for her teachers. The rest of the time…

Cerecere is more of a girl who lives in the moment. … and dramatizes her life, stressing over decisions and choices that her sisters (especially Vesta) often scoff at; be it boys or clothes, diets or tanning, she enjoys stretching out the miniature problems in her life and making them into events. She may come off as annoying sometimes – she fully realizes it – but despite her clarity in what she was doing (and how she sounded) Cerecere continues anyway. This is how she chooses to soak up being a regular girl for as long as she can. As a senshi, she is a warrior; but untransformed, she’s just a teenage girl, Cerecere, and she wants to drag out that freedom, this youth, for as long as possible before she has to take up her mantle as Leader of the Sailor Quartet for good, once the Princess takes the throne.

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