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The List of NPC's

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1The List of NPC's  Empty The List of NPC's on Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:55 pm


All characters in the Sailor Moon World except for the Sailor Quartet, Galilean Knights, and the villains are pretty much off-limits except for on special occasions.

As such, I will list all of the characters I can think of. Those who will have small cameo parts, thus be available for short roleplay bursts, will be *starred* to show their semi-availability. If you would like to be the voice of this scout when she has a part to play, (aka you want this scout as a secondary character) respond to this thread with the character's name and a quick (one paragraph) sample of how you would play them.

This list will be from characters that will have a small part to characters that have pretty much played their role in the opener and won't really be referenced again.

**Sailor Chibi Moon ** --She might become a full-fledged character
*Sailor Saturn -- Sometimes chills with Chibi-Usa. However, as a senshi under Sailor Moon, she is *not* a part of Chibi Moon's crew.
*Sailor Jupiter -- Unavailable. Trains the scouts with Mars
*Sailor Mars -- Reserved for second admin position. Trains the scouts and knights with Jupiter
*Sailor Venus -- Occasionally shows up during practice
*King Endymion -- Occasionally shows up during practice, usually as a role model for the Knights
Sailor Mercury -- nope, she's working
Sailor Pluto -- nope, guarding time gate most of the time
Neo Queen Serenity -- nope, chilling out, ruling the kingdom and snuggling with King Endymion
Sailor Uranus -- nope, she and Neptune are off protecting other planets with Kakyuu's initiative
Sailor Neptune -- nope, same reason as above

Nope, these guys are back where they came from, or else watching over planets that have yet to reincarnated their senshi:
Sailor / Princess Kakyuu
Sailor Star Fighter
Sailor Star Maker
Sailor Star Healer
Your Original Senshi

Nope, all dead.:
Sailor Galaxia
Any Sailor Animate
All members of the Black Moon Clan, Dead Moon Circus, Death Busters, and Negaverse.

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