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The Galaxy Cauldron

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1The Galaxy Cauldron Empty The Galaxy Cauldron on Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:27 pm


The Galaxy Cauldron Forums
The Galaxy Cauldron Tumblr_lyoq9dH2GW1r1uyaeo1_400

The Galaxy Cauldron Forums wrote:Come check us out today! We feature theories,
discussion, art work, fan fiction, roleplaying, and a place to make
sailor moon friends, WITH OUT THE DRAMA! Come share and embrace your
love for Sailor Moon today!

We feature:

-Debates & Theories

-A Large Creativity Corner

-General Discussion

- Contests and Giveaways

-A Relaxing, Safe, Drama Free place to hang out


-Coming Soon: Weekly Artist and Writers showcase/promos.

The best place for Sailor Moon!

We cover general discussions, debates, theories, art work, AMVS, fan fiction, Sailor Moon News and so much more!

We run giveaways, contests, and are now offering role playing!

Come check us out!

We are a great hang out for fans of Sailor Moon of ALL ages!

Click the Ad to check us out, or Reblog and spread the SM love <3

is pretty much my one true SM Fan Community love! Tons of stuff to do, debates, theories, images, Fanart, fanfiction, and plenty of places to geek out about Sailor Moon ♥ ^^' I'm a Roleplay Admin there, Sailor Uranus (heckyeah~) for their newly created Roleplay Forum

The Galaxy Cauldron Tumblr_lwmytjqRQR1r04zywo1_500
GC RP Forum wrote:The Galaxy Cauldron RPG is a basic RPG based upon the series of Sailor Moon. Many positions for canon characters are open and available. Crossover and otaku characters are accepted. The role-players are allowed to create and role-play their own story lines. Several member-created story lines are already active and currently accepting new role-players.

Please note: You must be a registered member of the Galaxy Cauldron Forums to view the RPG.

Welcome to the GC Role-Playing Boards!

Anyway, I love it there. ♥ Join us!

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