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Adopting a Character

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1Adopting a Character Empty Adopting a Character on Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:41 pm


So, you know who you want to be yet?

I'll allow the adoption of multiple characters later on, but please only request one character at this time.

Remember: though I have outlined the characters, their personalities and quirks are left up to you to determine. ... also, branch out! Try being a guy, it's really fun ^^v And don't feel like the Quartet need to reflect who they were as part of the Amazoness Quartet - they were evil at that time; they've changed. They don't need to be as ruthless, mean, sarcastic, etc., now that they're cured one could even be meek, or they could all just be confident little badasses! Their characterization is completely up to you!
As for the Galilean Knights, please try to incorporate the little snippet of a personality I included in their short character profiles; I threw those in there based on how they acted with Jupiter, so don't make any super radical changes, just expand and expand!

As the personality section is all that is left of the character profiles, this will be the section that your application will involve. If accepted, whatever you send me here will be amended on your adoptee's page. So, will you make them snippy, rambunctious, a drama-queen? A tad mean-spirited, open-hearted, clutzy, ditzy, naive? Will they be world-weary, a bit depressed, super-serious or dead-set upon frivolity? It's up to you - this, again, is just because I'm curious and I also want to make sure that two people don't mold two different characters super similar. ^^

Once you have chosen the character you want to play, send me a message with the following:
  • Your Name:
  • Your Availability: how active can/will you be?
  • Adoptee: Which senshi/knight/evil-doer would you like to play?
  • Character's Full Personality: Remember to describe them as best you can! I suggest making a bullet list of what traits you want them to have, and then go back and turn that list into a few (2 or 3) paragraphs about their personality.

  • A snippet of you roleplaying the character: this will be used in the case of multiple people requesting the same character; also, again, I'm just curious about your style. ^^ Please remember, all written segments should be written from the third-person perspective, and audition pieces need to be at least 500 words. If you'd like a theme, just ask!

When I approve you, I'll go through and change your screen name to match your character and add you do the corresponding group. Your avatar should reflect your character; I have images for you to use if you can't find one. Your signature is free for you to use, but please keep images reasonable in size (450x150 is the limit!) and under 4 lines of text.

Message me with any questions and/or the application!

Available Characters:
Sailor Quartet
Sailor Ceres
Sailor Juno
Sailor Vesta
Sailor Pallas

Galilean Knights


Secondary good guys: (remember, might not get a lot of screen time...
Lady Serenity / Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Mars

Aztecs: ((it might be a while, guys))
Huitzilopochtli (male)
Tlaloc (male)
Xipe Totec (male)
Minor gods/goddesses
Xoltol (male)
Itzpzpalotl (female)
Chicomecoatl (female)

Awarded positions will be updated in this thread.

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