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Announcement: Adoption of Europa!

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1Announcement: Adoption of Europa! Empty Announcement: Adoption of Europa! on Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:42 pm


Attention! Europa, Galilean Knight of Ice, has been adopted!
Announcement: Adoption of Europa! Europa11

Congrautlations to our Amphri, who has has officially adopted Europa! Amphri's availability will be Monday - Thursday with the possibility of Friday; she works on the weekends. She has decided to keep Europa's present personality, which she thinks is "cute and something new for me to try. I just need to brush up on my puns."

Welcome and Congratulations, Amphri!

------Character Application Piece------
The loud and abrupt shutting of a book broke the silence that had been making Europa paranoid for a good while now. The reborn knight had been trying to read since Ganymede had finally caught his hint and left. That was nearly three hours ago but Europa had only read a total of ten pages, maybe.

His slim index finger glided over the curvy script, "Silver Millennium". Great, fantastic, Europa's favorite subject if it wasn't for the splitting headache he got every time he read a familiar name. Serenity. Silver Crystal. Sailor Senshi. Europa had tried to struggle through the rush of vague memories that blinded him more than any holy light could but it didn't work. Perhaps he could remember more than his brother knights but not all of it was clear and each one blade that took him from his princess.

"Damn," Europa hissed between clenched teeth. That one hurt the most. The memory of Princess Jupiter as he knew her. Not to say that Sailor Jupiter of Crystal Tokyo, of this 'world', wasn't every bit as great, strong, and respected now-maybe even more so-but it didn't change what happened.

"Alright, enough!" Europa mused. He gently tossed the text onto his pillow. Ganymede and Io had been telling him to read less and focus more on the present, "Action, not thought!" Maybe there was truth to those words and even though he was alone, Europa decided it was time to find out how true they were.

Quickly, the 'adolescent' boy jumped off his bed, pulled his boots on, and left the Knights' Room. Europa could hear his boots hitting the crystal floor of the palace, feel himself moving forward but he was too lost in a simple question: what to do?

Europa knew he wanted to go into the heart of Crystal Tokyo but to do what? Usually, his first suggestion would be a book store a library but his last encounter with the Silver Millennium text turned him off from the idea. So something else would have to do.

The question still plagued his mind by the time Europa had reached the crystal doors that lead from the palace to the gardens. It was still bugging him at the crystal gates. Even at the main street that branched out in what seemed like a thousand different ways, all surrounded by towering crystal buildings and filled with citizens of all demographics, the question still ate at Europa.

However, as that one was still interrogating the icy knight, a new thought was beginning to blossom. While the city was beautiful from the castle, like a glittering miniature of glass, something felt wrong to Europa. Even with all the joyful pedestrians, bustling noise, and life that flooded the area, the city felt cold to him now that he was in it, which was saying something.

"What is it?" Europa's pale blue eyes narrowed, scanning the crowds and businesses with a calculating gaze. The same feeling of paranoia and anxiety from before was building in him again. It was like he was missing a basic, obvious answer. The people of Crystal Tokyo-no, the city itself--was lacking something that, to Europa's instincts, was essential.

"Roses! Red roses for sale! Her majesty Neo-Queen Serenity's favorite! Buy one for your sweet-heart!" Europa's head shot up at the queen's name and his eyes fell on some man with buckets full of water and blood red roses. For some reason he was drawn to them and found himself holding one in his hand next to the vendor.

"Do you sell any other type of flower?' The man clicked his tongue in obvious irritation.

"See anythin' else, kid? If ya ain't buyin', keep movin'!"

While mildly irritated, Europa let the remark, and the rose, go. No need to make a scene like Io would over something so small. He had arrived at his answer after all and knew what he'd do with his day.

Europa spent the next half an hour wandering from shop window to ship window till he found exactly what he was looking for. Sure, there had been stands and other vendors but they weren't enough. Nothing would be enough actually but this would have to do.

There was a tinkling bell, crystal of course, and a kind greeting that Europa echoed but what really over took the boy was the fragrances. The feminine yet dominant perfume of flowers that lined the room and stood up proudly in their vases. The deep scent of herbs that lingered under the flowers but were not to be forgotten. The sharp odor of mints and basil that tickled his nose once he finally inhaled them. There were probably many, many more but they couldn't compare to the flora that draped the walls of Io Castle, his last 'home'.

"Are you alright, dear?" the woman who greeted him at the door spoke again. Europa hadn't even noticed her before but quickly decided he liked the older woman with her salt and pepper hair, crows feet, and sunny yellow apron.

"Yes, thank you ma'am," he bowed at the waist, as he had been taught, but it only made the woman laugh.

"No need for that!" she waved a hand, "Just relax and take a look around. I'll be here if you need me," With that, the woman began to restart whatever task Europa had interrupted.

Out of curiosity, Europa walked to the counter to get a better look. The woman didn't seem to care, she just kept pulling the buds and flowers off a stem. After she had whatever was a sufficient amount she placed them into an opaque green ball and set it aside with more balls that ranged in colors. The air around the little workshop was thick with the earthy scent that, Europa could only guess, emanated from the balls.

"Its patchouli," Europa hadn't even asked but he was glad the woman had sensed his question, "Sailor Jupiter used to wear a ball of it, like these, when she battled but I guess it can get in the way so she stopped,"

Europa reached up to rub his temple, expecting another headache to hit him but the pain never came. Instead, as if he was remembering last night's dinner, the memory of a juvenile Sailor Jupiter came to mind, her powers awakened and grinning with pride. Europa remembered that, how choked up Ganymede was at his cousin transforming for the first time. He and Io had teased him but they felt the same, even Callisto was touched. It was something to see their little princess in her green and pink sailor fuku, lightening rod erect at her tiara's center, and a ball of patchouli dangling from her hips.

"Dear, are you sure you doing okay?" the woman frowned with concern.

"I'm quite alright," Europa coughed awkwardly, feeling the emotions from that day further in history than anyone could have imagined a hundred years ago rise back up, "but, um, may I buy one of your patchouli orbs?"

"Of course! What color would you like?"

Europa paused and thought back on the memory, "Pink,"

Later, when Europa had returned from his venture into the city, the knight stood in the room he had claimed. It was spartan with a few splashes of light blue and his armor in the corner. The crystal, he decided, did not help warm the room and he couldn't take the lifeless interior any longer.

"I'll just have to go back," Europa muttered aloud as he walked to his bedside, patchouli in hand. The woman said that the herb wouldn't die but Europa could stand to have a few more plants in his room. After hanging the orb on the bed's headboard, Europa stood back to admire his handiwork.

"It makes it feel like home,"

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