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Announcement: Re-Adoption of Sailor Pallas!

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1Announcement: Re-Adoption of Sailor Pallas! Empty Announcement: Re-Adoption of Sailor Pallas! on Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:14 pm


Attention! Sailor Pallas has been re-adopted by Sugar!
Announcement: Re-Adoption of Sailor Pallas! Eternal_sailor_pallas_by_dracorevenge-d56tvxx
by Dracorevenge

Welcome back Sugar!

Sugar has returned to us and has decided to re-adopt Sailor Pallas! Sugar's previous availability was "once or twice a day", but if that has changed, I will update it here! Pallas's personality will revert to Sugar's version of her personality (which is reflected in Pallas's profile).


-------Character Application Piece-------

PallaPalla snickered to herself as she snuck quietly through the hall, passing numerous doors until finally stopping at the one she was looking for. Stepping on her tiptoes sho she wouldn’t make any noise, she lightly moved towards the door, pressing her ear against the cold wood. She could hear voices inside, and she grinned when realising that they belong to just the people she was looking for.

Taking a step away from the door, still being sure she didn’t make a sound, she prepped herself for her challenge, judging the distance between her and the room, and how fast the other’s could run. Though she wasn’t the fastest in the quartet, she was the most nimble, and should be able to make a quick getaway before her targets realised what was happening. She quickly lifted the gun she was holding, making sure one last time that the nozzle wasn’t blocked, and the trigger wasn’t jammed.

When she was happy with the result of her test, she nodded in satisfaction, aiming the gun in the direction of the wooden door, and thus in the direction of the room when the door would be opened. With complete and utter focus her fingers gently traced the doorhandle, before her hand gripped around it. It was now or never.

Feeling like she was some kind of soldier in the midst of a dangerous mission, PallaPalla yanked the door open, getting a quick glance at the confused faces of CereCere and VesVes, who had no idea of the trouble that awaited them, and simply looked confused as to why PallaPalla, who was never focused, looked so determined. They caught sight of the gun too late.

“Say your prayers suckers!” she laughed, pulling the trigger. CereCere and VesVes barely had time to react, and were too late to dodge the heavy flow of water that was shot in their direction, drenching both of them. CereCere had the look of a drowned cat, causing PallaPalla to laugh. She turned to run without seeing VesVes’ reaction, knowing she was probably furious.

Bouncing down the hallway, her laugh would have woken the entire castle had it been night time. “Score one PallaPalla!” she cheered, having successfully completed the dare given to her by JunJun. Now she just had to lead the others, who she was sure were chasing her out of anger, on a little chase until they got tired or bored of it.

“Nyeh, Nyeh, you can’t catch me!” she teased, calling back without looking behind her. Oh yeah, she was so good at this.

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