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Mew Aqua Crystal: The Alpha Project

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1Mew Aqua Crystal: The Alpha Project Empty Mew Aqua Crystal: The Alpha Project on Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:51 pm

Ganymede Knight

Ganymede Knight
Galilean Knight
Galilean Knight
Mew Aqua Crystal Forum is a general Tokyo Mew Mew Forum. It allows members to talk about TMM without all the fandom drama and rekindle their love for TMM.

We have a roleplaying board and just recently we started an interactive roleplaying board which is called The Alpha Project. Members who joined this roleplay can create a second account by using their character's name. Later on we'll have shops where players can buy items for their characters.

The Plot for the Alpha Project

Mew Aqua Crystal: The Alpha Project Ryo_0111

Dr. Akasaka, an old friend of Ryou’s father and Keiichiro's unlce steals
the plans of the Mew Project. He was originally helping his father
with the Mew Project, but was fired when he wanted to sell the project’s
plans to other, countries for their militaries. He stole the plans
after learning his old partner is dead. He sees that plans have changed
dramatically and notices the powers of the mews are only designed to
harm chrima animas. He takes the plans and change to where the mews
powers can harm everything in its surroundings. Before he can go find
test subjects he meets a shadowy figure who would like to use the new
mew technology. The shadowy figure turns out to be an alien named
Hakai, who once was a follower of Deep Blue. He was unhappy that
invasion of Earth failed (he came to Earth trying to find a new way to
invade it). He wants to use new mew technology to take back Earth. He
tells Dr. Akasaka that he would allow him to live in his new world order
if he allows him to use the new mew technology. Dr. Akasaka agrees so
the two work together to take back the Earth for the alien race. Dr.
Akasaka's only son then volunteers to be first test subject out of
curiosity. The test is a success and now son is a mew. Dr. Akasaka
convinces his son to find four other people to form a new mew team for
the invasion. He sees no harm his father's plan and goes along with it.
After the son finds the other four (who are teenage girls), the invasion
takes place. The original mews don’t stand a chance against the new
mews. Ryou and Keiichiro must either update their mew technology in
order to save Earth or call old friends for help.

Additional Information:

  • The story takes 3 years after the first alien invasion.

  • The story follows the events of the anime.

  • The new mews' DNA will be predators to the oringal mews' DNAs.

  • The lead male is popular at high school he attends. He's a senior and is 18 years old. His popularity is a cruse and a blessing.

  • Three of the four new mews attend the lead male's school. The fourth new mew is Pudding's age.

  • Ichigo, Lettuce, Minto and Aoyama are 16 and attending high school.

  • Pudding is 13 and attending middle school.

  • Zakuro is 20 and rarely seen at the cafe due to her stardom growing.

  • The other original mews still work at the cafe.

  • Kisshu, Pai, and Taruto will come to help the oringal mews later in the story.

  • Later in the story Hakai calls an old friend, Riku for help after the oringal aliens return to Earth.

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