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CLOSED:The trouble with dares...

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1 CLOSED:The trouble with dares... on Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:20 am

Sailor Pallas

Sailor Quartet
Sailor Quartet
PallaPalla snickered to herself as she snuck quietly through the hall, passing numerous doors until finally stopping at the one she was looking for. Stepping on her tiptoes sho she wouldn’t make any noise, she lightly moved towards the door, pressing her ear against the cold wood. She could hear voices inside, and she grinned when realising that they belong to just the people she was looking for.

Taking a step away from the door, still being sure she didn’t make a sound, she prepped herself for her challenge, judging the distance between her and the room, and how fast the other’s could run. Though she wasn’t the fastest in the quartet, she was the most nimble, and should be able to make a quick getaway before her targets realised what was happening. She quickly lifted the gun she was holding, making sure one last time that the nozzle wasn’t blocked, and the trigger wasn’t jammed.

When she was happy with the result of her test, she nodded in satisfaction, aiming the gun in the direction of the wooden door, and thus in the direction of the room when the door would be opened. With complete and utter focus her fingers gently traced the doorhandle, before her hand gripped around it. It was now or never.

Feeling like she was some kind of soldier in the midst of a dangerous mission, PallaPalla yanked the door open, getting a quick glance at the confused faces of CereCere and VesVes, who had no idea of the trouble that awaited them, and simply looked confused as to why PallaPalla, who was never focused, looked so determined. They caught sight of the gun too late.

“Say your prayers suckers!” she laughed, pulling the trigger. CereCere and VesVes barely had time to react, and were too late to dodge the heavy flow of water that was shot in their direction, drenching both of them. CereCere had the look of a drowned cat, causing PallaPalla to laugh. She turned to run without seeing VesVes’ reaction, knowing she was probably furious.

Bouncing down the hallway, her laugh would have woken the entire castle had it been night time. “Score one PallaPalla!” she cheered, having successfully completed the dare given to her by JunJun. Now she just had to lead the others, who she was sure were chasing her out of anger, on a little chase until they got tired or bored of it.

“Nyeh, Nyeh, you can’t catch me!” she teased, calling back without looking behind her. Oh yeah, she was so good at this.

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2 Re: CLOSED:The trouble with dares... on Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:30 pm

Ves Ves stood against the wall as she waited for Cere Cere to stop talking. She sighed heavily as Cere Cere continued. As much as she enjoyed being Cere Cere's friend and care about her, she did not care much about her Cere Cere's problems. And if she wanted sympathy she had come to the wrong place. Ves Ves's advice was usually extremely unhelpful and insensitive but her team mates felt like they needed to confide in her regardless.

Her sister's voice high pitched voice ringing in the halls was the only warning. A moment later she was drenched in her fuku. Her lavishly styled, red hair fell in her face. The strange braids and ponytail clung to her face. Covering her face like some strange mask, they would wear on Lunian Day.

Ves Ves was enraged, annoyed, and a bit excited for an excuse to leave and the sight of a race. Her legs frenzied and pulsed at the idea of a challenge. Ves Ves pushed up her invisible sleeves for emphasis.

This was a way to waste time!

Ves Ves called. "Not so fast, Palla Palla."

Ves Ves smirked to the back of Palla Palla. Never one to back down from a challenge, she began to chase after little Palla Palla. The girl left behind Cere Cere and pursued the little blue haired senshi.

Just when Palla Palla began to feel comfortable with the distance between the two, Ves Ves performed a hand spring and landed in front of her. Her adrenaline raged as she landed. She was infinitely proud of herself. Palla Palla froze for a moment.

"What 'cha going to do now, squirt?" Ves Ves said with a threatening grin. Her hands resided on the curve of her hips as a white boot tapped the floor.

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3 Re: CLOSED:The trouble with dares... on Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:54 am

Sailor Pallas

Sailor Quartet
Sailor Quartet
PallaPalla froze as VesVes landed before her, a small pout completing her hurt expression. "Hey! That's cheating!" she whined, waving the gun in the air like that would somehow change the red head's actions and reverse time to before she had jumped ahead. She had absolutely no problem with being called a squirt, and simply just stuck her tongue out at the other.

Quickly, doing her best not to alert the other, PallaPalla assessed her situation, trying to come up with some kind of escape route. “Aha! You lose!” she laughed, throwing her water gun straight at VesVes with all her strength. The other girl would either have to catch it, or dodge, either way for a moment she would be distracted.

PallaPalla used that small moment of confusion to quickly rest all her weight into the soles of her feet, before pushing herself off the ground, twisting in midair as she flew over the other and landing in a perfect position. She held her hands open as if waiting for applause for less than a second, before she had taken off running again. Oh no, she would not be caught that easily. What would that say for her reputation?

“VesVes is a slowpoke!” she teased, laughing as she distanced herself again. It was days like these she liked the most. Where they didn’t have any training, or jobs to do, and they could take a break, sit back and relax, or muck around if they wanted too.

It wouldn’t be long before she would be caught again, but that was only because she didn’t want to be too unfair. If she wanted to she could easily find a secret passage or hall VesVes didn’t know about and get away, but that wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to have fun with her.

How many VesVes' does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
None. Her hair is bright enough X3
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4 Re: CLOSED:The trouble with dares... on Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:03 pm

Callisto Knight

Galilean Knight
Galilean Knight
It was a terribly tricky problem, one that she could only hope to fully explain the gravity of to Vesves. I mean, one doesn’t come across problems such as this every day. … unless they were her, but she couldn’t help it, really. Problems such as these are both a blessing and a curse, and while she was touched deeply she just didn’t know precisely how to go about the matter. Should she be direct? Should she spare feelings as much as possible? Was there such a thing as being direct whilst being sincere? Oh, she just didn’t know! Really, only someone such as one of her sister Amazons could aide her now.
And Vesves was such a good listener! Perhaps she would be able to help her decide – which dress? Which boy? Which date? Three options all vying for her on the same night! What could she possibly do?

But before she could even get to the meat of the problem, the door burst open behind them and Cerecere had only just started to turn when she was drenched. As if in slow motion she had spun, her mouth still open in explanation, and she was hit! A steady stream of water barraged her, soaking her from her pink hair to her amazing outfit, the fabric actually sopped up the water like a sponge, a sponge! and suddenly Cerecere was at a loss for what to do. She stood, unmoving in her shock as her dear, dear sister ran off with the offending weapon in hand! Vesves shot off after her – fighting for both their honors – and suddenly things became startlingly clear.

Grabbing one of her long pink braids in hand, wringing the water free, her face turned hard as she mentally accepted the challenge of catching PallaPalla and exacting her revenge. If she and VesVes worked together, they could catch that little criminal… her pink eyes alighted on the long peacock feathers in a vase in the corner of the room – when they catch her, she’ll be screaming for mercy from their tickling wrath! Throwing off her stiletto high heels, CereCere ran barefoot out into the hallway, turning sharply towards the sound of a confrontation and beating a path across the marble floors. She wasn’t as fast as VesVes, but apparently she had been distracted, for ahead she saw the flaming red hair of her favorite confidant and the retreating blue continence of her mischievous blue teammate.

In the back of her mind, the true Cerecere delighted in her acting dramatic and flighty – being a teenager was too fun!

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